How We Operate

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Clendy has the ability to satisfy the requests of its own clients in a clear and precise way, anticipating market evolution thanks to the expertise gained throughout the years that has allowed the company to gain the trust of a diversified clientele, which recognises daily the reliability of the group. Our winning strategy consists of offering a wide range of highly diversified products, expression of innovation and continued superior quality research.


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Clendy is firmly convinced that the creation of values entails certain fundamental aspects:


  • Development of accruals and the providing of professional services that derive from the experience and know how gained over the course of the years.

  • Strengthening of the company image through large-scale investment in advertising through the press, media, dynamic advertising, social media channels, in store promotions, sponsorship of football and volleyball teams and participation in fayres and events.


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The mission is a fundamental aspect of the company’s values, since they represent the reason of the company’s existence besides describing the meaning to the market in which it operates and clarify which aspects it sets itself apart in with regards to its competitors.



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The company has daily strategic objectives that go beyond the typical commercial nature of a company and ones that represent the executive direction the company is headed on the basis of establishing the organizational-structural of the company assets.

Clendy, in that sense, has defined its mission and its vision, on which the short and medium-long term objectives to pursue have been identified.


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Clendy, as a commercial entity, was formed in 2007 specialising in the distribution of personal and home care products.

Despite its young age, it is considered to be one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in Italy, thanks to its investment strategy which has allowed it to reach ever higher levels of specialisation.


Do not neglect the care of your person.


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